Форум сальских рыбаков веселовское водохранилище 2018

Usage[edit | edit source]

  1. First, the player baits the Lure on the Sea Fishing Rod with a Berry or a Seed.
  2. It is optional to also put a Float on the Sea Fishing Rod, such as a Twig, to help with casting range and accuracy.
  3. The player must find dark shadows of Ocean Fish swimming in the water along the coastline of the mainland. This will be a spawn point for a variety of small Ocean Fish.
  4. The player can then cast the line into the water near where the shadows of the fish are. The player must pay attention to the Sea Fishing Rod. If it is angled low in the water or angled in the middle between low and high, the player must keep reeling the rod in and the fish will come towards the player. If the fishing rod is angled high and the player’s character appears to be struggling to keep the fish from swimming away, the player must stop reeling and wait until the rod lowers, then keep reeling in the fish. If the player keeps reeling when the Sea Fishing Rod is angled high, the line will snap, causing the Lure and Float to disappear. If the player stops reeling when the Sea Fishing Rod is angled low, then the fish will get away.
  5. For more advanced fishing tricks: After setting hook to any fish, the fish will always start fighting, in which case, the player should not click the reel button at all. Whenever the fish is swimming towards the player, they should start reeling as much as possible until the fish is starting to fight back, and then stop.
  6. Once successful, the fish will pop up and land near the player’s character.

To catch bigger Ocean Fish in the deep ocean, the player can follow these steps again but on a boat and with the usage of more advanced Lures and Floats made from a Tackle Receptacle.

Freshwater Fish[edit | edit source]

Now I shall eat for a day.


Slippery fishy!


Is fishy.


It was flopping around desperately for life. The poor fool.




Some kind of whitefish, I believe.


Looks like a cod.


Fresh from the murky depths.


Pönd meat!


It could stand to be fried.




Glub Glub


I’d rather eat for a day than not at all.


You are quite fragrant.


Awwww, it so cute!


Sorry, but someone has to be dinner.


Freshwater Fish replaced Fish in Don’t Starve Together since Return of Them. It can be killed to produce one Fish Morsel. When cooked, it produces a Cooked Fish Morsel.

Wurt regains +3.33 /min when at least one Fish is in her inventory. Wurt or another player wearing a Clever Disguise can trade Fishes with the King of the Merms for Kelp Fronds, Seeds, specific Crop Seeds, Rot, Tentacle Spots, and certain Trinkets. Fish can be placed in Fish Scale-O-Matic.


Triviaedit | edit source

  • When a Fish is on the ground, it flops around, then perishes, its eyes becoming crossed out.
  • Fish having a spoilage time of 3 days could be a reference to one of Benjamin Franklin’s quotes, «Guests are like fish. They stink after 3 days.»

Bugsedit | edit source

  • The Hamlet Fish has no unique Drying Rack texture.
  • In DST, freshwater fish can be put in the Crock Pot. This is probably leftover programming from when fish were a normal item.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Wilson reeling in a Fish.

Alive Fish.

Dead Fish.

Fish as seen in the Autumn promo for Reign of Giants.

Food and other Edible Items
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(Dragoon Heart • Eye of the Tiger Shark )
Fishes Fish (Cooked) • Eel (Cooked)
(Crabbit • Dead Dogfish • Dead Swordfish • Fish Morsel (Cooked) • Dead Jellyfish ( • Dried) • Limpets (Cooked) • Mussel (Cooked) • Neon Quattro (Cooked) • Pierrot Fish (Cooked) • Purple Grouper (Cooked) • Dead Rainbow Jellyfish (Cooked) • Raw Fish (Cooked) • Roe (Cooked) • Shark Fin • Tropical Fish • Wobster (Dead • Cooked) )
Monster Food Durian (Extra Smelly) • Monster Meat (Cooked)
(Dead Jellyfish ( • Dried))
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(Electric Milk • Glommer’s Goop ) (Doydoy Egg (Fried) ) (Flytrap Stalk • Nectar ) (Moon Moth Wings • Royal Jelly )
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(Cactus Flesh (Cooked) • Cactus Flower ) (Seaweed (Cooked • Dried) • Sweet Potato (Cooked) ) (Aloe (Cooked) • Nettle • Radish (Cooked) • Tuber (Fried • Blooming • Fried Blooming) ) (Asparagus (Cooked) ) (Garlic (Roasted) • Kelp Fronds (Cooked • Dried) • Lesser Glow Berry • Onion (Roasted) • Pepper (Roasted) • Potato (Roasted) • Ripe Stone Fruit (Cooked) • • Toma Root (Roasted) )
Fruits Berries (Roasted) • Dragon Fruit (Prepared) • Durian (Extra Smelly) • Pomegranate (Sliced) • Banana (Cooked)
(Watermelon (Grilled) ) (Halved Coconut • Cooked Coconut • Coffee Beans (Roasted) ) (Juicy Berries (Roasted) )
Dairy Butter
(Electric Milk )
Bug (Bean Bugs (Cooked) • Gummy Slug (Cooked) )
Crock Pot Bacon and Eggs • Butter Muffin • Dragonpie • Fish Tacos • Fishsticks • Froggle Bunwich • Fist Full of Jam • Fruit Medley • Honey Ham • Honey Nuggets • Kabobs • Mandrake Soup • Meatballs • Meaty Stew • Monster Lasagna • Pierogi • Powdercake • Pumpkin Cookies • Ratatouille • Stuffed Eggplant • Taffy • Turkey Dinner • Unagi • Waffles • Wet Goop
(Flower Salad • Guacamole • Ice Cream • Melonsicle • Spicy Chili • Trail Mix ) (Banana Pop • Bisque • California Roll • Caviar • Ceviche • Coffee • (Fresh Fruit Crepes • Monster Tartare • Mussel Bouillabaise • Sweet Potato Souffle ) • Jelly-O Pop • Wobster Bisque • Wobster Dinner • Seafood Gumbo • Shark Fin Soup • Surf ‘n’ Turf • Tropical Bouillabaisse ) (Asparagus Soup • Feijoada • Gummy Cake • Hard Shell Tacos • Iced Tea • Nettle Rolls • Snake Bone Soup • Spicy Vegetable Stinger • Steamed Ham Sandwich • Tea ) (Creamy Potato Purée • Fancy Spiralled Tubers • Jellybeans • Salsa Fresca • Stuffed Pepper Poppers (Asparagazpacho • Bone Bouillon • Fish Cordon Bleu • Glow Berry Mousse • Grim Galette • Hot Dragon Chili Salad • Moqueca • Puffed Potato Soufflé • Volt Goat Chaud-Froid ) )
Other Rot • Rotten Egg • Seeds (Toasted Seeds • Crop Seeds)
(Birchnut (Roasted) • Ice ) (Blubber • Brainy Matter • Bile-Covered Slop ) (Bramble Bulb • Clippings • Magic Water • Seed Pod (Cooked) ) (Lune Tree Blossom )

Cooked Fish[edit | edit source]

Grilled to perfection.

–Wilson, when examining a Cooked Fish.

Less slippery now that it’s found fire.

–Willow, when examining a Cooked Fish.

Meat from water still make Wolfgang strong.

–Wolfgang, when examining a Cooked Fish.

A proper grilling puts a stop to the flopping.

–Wendy, when examining a Cooked Fish.


–WX-78, when examining a Cooked Fish.

Beautifully grilled.

–Wickerbottom, when examining a Cooked Fish.

I wish I had some chips.

–Woodie, when examining a Cooked Fish.

It still stinks.

–Maxwell, when examining a Cooked Fish.

I shall endeavor to avoid the bones.

–Wagstaff, when examining a Cooked Fish.


–Wigfrid, when examining a Cooked Fish.

Flaky and moist. Delicious.

–Webber, when examining a Cooked Fish.

From my own personal recipe.

–Walani, when examining a Cooked Fish.

Could use a squeeze of lemon…

–Warly, when examining a Cooked Fish.

Th’fish roasted up good.

–Woodlegs, when examining a Cooked Fish.


–Wilba, when examining a Cooked Fish.

Watch for bones

–Wormwood, when examining a Cooked Fish.

Bones included at no extra cost!

–Wheeler, when examining a Cooked Fish.

Cooked Fish is obtained by cooking Fish at a Campfire, Fire Pit or Star. Unlike most foods, it is no different in hunger and health restoration than its raw version, though it spoils slower than raw fish. Like all cooked foods, it cannot be dried on a Drying Rack.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Ponds can be found in any part of the map, but they are most common in Marshes, Forests, and Grasslands. To begin fishing, drag and drop the Fishing Rod on the pond or equip the rod and click the pond, and the character will cast a line into the pond. After 5–40 seconds, the line will tug and the «Hook» option will appear. Clicking the left mouse button on the pond will hook the fish, and an additional click will reel it in.

If the player does not reel the fish in shortly after «Reel in» appears after «Hook», the fish will escape and the Fishing Rod will be lost. The player can stop fishing any time by walking away or clicking the pond again.

The time required for the fish to bite depends on the amount of fish remaining in the pond. It will require a minimum of 5 seconds when the pond has maximum amount of fish. As more fish are caught, the time will increase to 5 + 35 * (percentage of the pond fished). For example, if half of the fish in a pond are caught, the next fish will take 22.5 seconds to bite. Fish respawn in ponds over time. After the last fish has been caught, any fishing attempts started before a new fish spawns will never catch a fish. In other words, there must be at least one fish remaining when the fishing is started for any fish to be caught.

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